Kunming New Era Hotel is a four- star business hotel with a fresh reflection of Kunming historical culture. It locates conveniently at the center of Kunming city, where is adjacent with the Golden Horse and Green Peacock Square, the symbol of Kunming history and culture. The hotel is a 28-floor property, our holds 315 luxury rooms which is equipped with 10M high-speed internet access, central A/C, multiple choices of TV programs and other advanced facilities. Topic of Floor >>>

The hotel has different kinds of functional rooms which are suitable for international conventions, banquets and exhibitions. Meanwhile we have 3 chinese and western restaurants which can meet the tastes of customers.


Entertainment and recreation facilities are also available in the hotel and it must be the most favourable for the business trip.

Located in the heart of Kunming city within walking distance of the following places.

* The local dainty snacks -- 100 meters.

* Kundu Bars Street—300 meters.
* KFC, Pizza Hut, Mcdonald's , Parkson , Walmart , ParknShop and office buildings--200 meters.
* People's Bank of China, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Communication Bank of China, Guangdong development Bank, CITIC Industrial Bank—400 meters.
* The Flowers and Bird market, Confucius Temple, Victory Hall, Golden horse and Green Peacock—500 meters.Kunming International Airport- -6.5Km .
Kunming International Trade Center- -6Km .